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School Procedures and Rules

Certain common procedures and rules will be followed to maintain order throughout the school facility.  All procedures and rules follow the 5 school expectations: BE KIND, BE SAFE, BE RESPONSIBLE, BE RESPECTFUL, HANDS OFF.


1.     When Your Child Is Absent:

·          Leave a message which includes the date, your child's name, homeroom, and reason.

·          Write a note to the classroom teacher in advance of the date.

· Email: and leave a message.

·          Phone 306-445-3661 and leave a message or talk to a staff member.

·          Note: Children that miss school for purposes of attending music lessons, sporting events, etc. which is not directly related to the school, or board approved, shall be marked absent or late.

·          We do not interrupt classes unless there is an emergency.


2.     During the Day:

·          Weather permitting; students must remain outside before school, during recesses and at noon.

·          Students are expected to remain on the playground unless they have the written permission of their parent (or caregiver) and permission of their teacher.

·          While in the school or on the playground, students should remain in their designated areas and always be in sight of supervisors.


3.     Other School Rules:

·          Students must remove their outdoor shoes at the door.

·          Students who bring valuables to school, do so at their own risk. We do not replace lost or stolen items.

·          While using a computer, always follow the 5 school expectations.

·          Due to safety and insurance concerns, skateboards and scooters are not permitted on the school premises.


4.     Follow the Dress Code:

·          Dress appropriately for weather conditions.

·          All clothing should cover your body and underwear.

·          Do not bring a bandana to school or wear any item displaying gang colours or markings.

·          Do not wear clothing displaying alcohol, drugs, inappropriate sayings or illustrations.

·          Practice daily basic hygiene (i.e. brush teeth, shower/bath, change into clean clothing regularly, etc.).


5.     Playground Safety Guidelines:

·          Play in your designated area.

·          Go down the slide one at a time, feet first. No climbing up the slide.

·          No inverted hangs (upside down).

·          Take turns going across the monkey bars

·          Keep your shoes on at all times.

·          Don't throw or kick sand, stones, or snowballs.

·          Don't jump off or walk on top the playground equipment.

·          Don't climb the trees or pull on branches.

·          Walk your bike on school property and lock it to the bike stand.

·          Always wear a helmet while skating.

·          Stay in sight of the supervisor at all times.


6.     Noon Hour Expectations:

·          Students who stay for lunch are expected to follow the classroom and lunch expectations

·          Everyone must remain on the playground unless they have the written permission of their parent (or caregiver) and their teacher.


7.     Electronic Technologies:

Students are responsible for electronic technologies (i.e.  Cell phone, IPods, game systems, etc.) they bring to school. The school will not be held responsible for this missing or stolen property.  Please note that teachers reserve the right to confiscate any technology that interferes with class time or learning in any way. 


8.     Accidents:

·          Accidents can happen at school.  A staff member with Standard First Aid Certification is called to help if a student is injured.  Parents are immediately notified if the student needs medical attention.

·          Please keep your phone number and other details up to date so that you can be easily reached in the event of an emergency. 

·          Please identify any dietary restrictions or severe allergies that may compromise your child's safety.  Please supply an Epi-pen, or other medication, if so required. ​