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School Expectations

The staff of Connaught School is committed to the school mission statement:

Learning in Safe Supportive Surroundings.

In order to ensure that learning can occur; students need to feel safe and supported in their efforts to progress.  Students and staff are expected to practice the five school expectations:

Be Kind,

Be Safe,

Be Responsible,

Be Respectful and

Hands Off


These five expectations can be applied to every situation, location and relationship in the school and at home.  When remembered and practiced, these expectations will build a positive school environment and lead to learning. Your classroom teacher will teach the class about the 5 expectations.  They are also posted in each classroom and in the hallways throughout the school for you to remember and follow.


When you follow the school expectations, the staff will try to 'catch you' being good!  But when you have difficulty following the expectations, the school staff will have you reflect on your inappropriate behavior, the affect that it has on others, and corrective solutions.  The staff and your fellow students will expect a change in behavior.  There will be consequences for your actions. 


We encourage you to be proactive in your behavior.  If you anticipate having personal difficulties, conflict or a crisis, share the information with someone you trust. There are adults in the school capable of helping you to find solutions before a real problem occurs. 


Connaught is a community school which means that we also encourage families to become involved in school life.  Parents and caregivers can participate in a variety of programs and are encouraged to talk to teachers, administrators, school community council members and other parents. Our school reaches out to families in the hope of building stronger communication, personal life skills and ultimately a better quality of life.


The 2017-18 student handbook can be a useful tool.  Please review the school expectations, basic rules and routines outlined in it.  Discuss them at home.   Please feel free to question any of the details and we will try to provide you with the necessary clarification.  Lastly, please use the calendar in the student handbook to track school work, holidays and notes between home and school.  ​