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Quality School Life

The staff of Connaught School work hard to create an open and welcoming school experience for children and families.  Here are some programs that aim to build skills and showcase learning and talent:


1.     Student-Led Conferences

       A student-led conference is a conference with                                   parents led by the student. The classroom teacher's role becomes that of a facilitator. In a student-led conference, students lead parents through a discussion of their learning. Student-Led Conferences are now in place of the traditional parent-teacher interviews.


2.     Swimming:  The Grades 1-4 classes take 10 swimming lessons during the year.  Students are expected to supply their own swimsuit, towel and hairbrush or comb. 


3.     In Motion:  Students are encouraged to get In Motion and be active during the school day and at home in the evening.  Noon hour activities, additional school walks, school swims and fun days are organized to encourage physical activity. 


4.     Art:  All students participate in a regular Art program in class. There may be additional opportunities during the year to attend classes at the Allen Sapp Gallery, or participate in special Arts Education workshops.


Library:  Students and families are encouraged to read at home each day.  Use the library resources to read for pleasure or complete homework.  Special literacy celebrations will also be organized to encourage family reading.  ​