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Pyramid of Intervention

Below you will find steps the staff will follow in helping students be the most successful at Connaught.  Please take time to review the pyramid of intervention and contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.              

1. Classroom Intervention

Includes discussion of problem, modification of classroom, Success Plans, and identification of ways to help the student successfully meet expectations.


2. Yellow Team/Interventions & Calls to Parents

Includes input from team teachers and staff which assists the student in correcting the disruptive behaviours.  Parental calls are informational in nature (description of behaviour) asking for help and suggestions.


3. Second Yellow/Team Meeting

Discussion with team teachers, counselor, student support worker and student service teacher to decide what other interventions the support staff or an outside agency may be able to provide to help the student be successful.


4.  Tier 3 Intervention

Invite parent and students in to discuss the ongoing behaviour.  Develop a behaviour contract and talk with parents about the next steps if behaviour does not change.


5. ISS

½ day to full day in school suspensions.


6. OSS

Short term out of school suspensions​