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Connaught School Song

Music & Lyrics by Lauri Putland


Welcome to Connaught.  

We’re a super lot.

We like learning, it hits the spot.

Reading books and speaking poetry.

Pow-wows, dancing, we’re a community.


Basketball is fun, you should see me run.

Sports teams at Connaught are A-1.

Safe supportive surroundings.

Can you hear our cheers resounding?


“Drum roll please.”


“Give me a C”   “C”

Give me a O”   “O”

Give me a N N A U G H T.”




Student of the Month.  Attendance is a must.

Homework is definitely done.

Be kind, be safe, be responsible,

Hands off, always be respectful.


Play in Super Band.  Builds castles in the sand.

Enrichment helps our minds to expand.

Safe supportive surroundings.

You can hear our cheers resounding! 

“Drum roll please.”

Let’s hear it for 

“HIP, HIP, HOORAY!”   “Yeah!”