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Building A Connaught School Community

Parents and caregivers are invited to participate in school activities aimed at building relationships and developing strengths that are useful at home and in the work place. There are opportunities to participate in committee work, be an in-school volunteer, or take one of the workshops aimed at teaching and improving personal skills and abilities.  Some of the specific activities available include:


1.     School Community Council:  This elected council, with the principal and teacher representatives, will aim to develop a shared responsibility for the learning, successes, and well-being of the children attending Connaught School.  Parents will be a part of the planning and overall school improvement model.  Their input will be sought on matters relating to school facilities, playgrounds, fundraising, and other innovative projects.  If you are interested in participating in our SCC, please let Mr. Nichol know any time throughout the school year.


2.     Parent Programs:  Parents are invited to participate in a number of programs aimed at teaching new skills.  Our Community Room offers sewing and cooking classes, as well as beading and a variety of craft projects.  Contact the school if you are interested or have an idea for a new project.


3.     Workshops:  Throughout the year information sessions for parents are offered on a variety of topics.  Watch the school newsletter for upcoming parent workshops and registration information.


4.     Coffee Break:  You're welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee and visit with other parents and caregivers in the Community room.  The room is open to all parents throughout the day.  Welcome!!!


If you are interested in any of the above mentioned opportunities or have questions, please contact Community School coordinator, Darlene Humenny at 445-3661.​