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Hot Lunch Program Featured Photo

Hot Lunch Program

Here at Connaught we offer a hot lunch program for 75cents per lunch! In order to keep this cost as low as possible for everyone, each child that is getting a lunch from the school needs to be keeping their lunch cards up to date. A red note will come home when your child has ran out of his or her lunch card. Please bring money to the office or send with your child in order to keep this program running for everyone. We thank you for your cooperation with this.​
After School Activities through our Dream Broker Featured Photo

After School Activities through our Dream Broker

​Please watch for letters coming home to sign your child up for some really exciting after school activities. We are so lucky to have Antje Rongve working hard coming up with great things and we get to welcome Shawn Piller on Tuesdays in October for "Graphic Arts Club", Shanda Sapp on Thursdays for "Regalia Making Club", and Shonan Awasis & Candice Gordon for "Drumming & Yoga" Tuesdays at lunch time. Again, wait for a letter to come home and these will start sometime in